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J&J Machine operates on a MX-520 which heralds a new era in 5 axis milling. The headstock and trunnion have been designed to offer maximum tool access and reach. It allows you to produce complex components with accuracy while reducing the need to add additional operations…
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We  pride ourselves on our vast capabilities register and customer satisfaction. We are a one-stop-shop for all of your machining needs: we are experts in CNC turning processes for cutting, facing, turning, threading, drilling, knurling, and boring that meet industry standards and ensure customer satisfaction.
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We offer a variety of swiss machining services for projects with diverse production requirements, whether for your most demanding prototype or for your long run, high-volume assignments. We provide advanced technology …
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We provide vertical and horizontal milling services for a variety of industrial applications.  While we do extensive work for the aerospace, medical, military, and semi-conductor industries, we also provide services for …
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Hear What Our Clients Are Saying…

“Futurestar has worked with J&J for over 25 years.  They are our top manufacturing supplier and a trusted partner for all of our machined plastic and metal components.  They maintain their certifications and quality systems and as such, have been a ‘dock to stock’ supplier due do to their excellence over these many years. J&J has invested in equipment and facilities to grow with our business.  They have worked closely and collaboratively with Futurestar to insure deliveries are on time as our needs require.”

Futurestar Corp.

My company has been doing business with J&J Machine for 25+ years. Their knowledge and expertise in precision machining is excellent and so is the quality of their work. They are service oriented shown by quick response and determination to meet my requirements and expectations. They are first rate!”

Tokyo Electron

 “J&J Machine has played a huge role in helping our Machine Shop meet our delivery goals and grow our business.  The experience I have had working with J&J Machine has been second to none.  Their willingness to jump right in;  along with their prompt responses;  has allowed us to develop a great team relationship.

                I highly recommend J&J Machine to anyone looking for a great company that offers many different machining options!”


Tolomatic, Inc